Our Team

  • Mr. Jack Wang - Chairman

    The 21st century is a high tech era and surrounded by fierce competition, however, GPI has been contributing every effort to pursuit of excellence in this international commercial market. The consistent satisfaction of clients, employees, and shareholders is our goal of business management.

  • Mr. Jerry Wang  - President

    Nowadays, the world has entered the time of digital competition; therefore, developing high quality and value-added products, delivering goods on schedule, stabilizing the quality of products, and organizing professional and enthusiastic crews are GPI's principles and strategies to meet clients' requirements. That is also how we create win-win achievements between GPI and our partners to build the foundation of our clients' long term trust and satisfaction.

  • Mr. Kuoying Wang - Chief Operating Officer

    Using innovation to cultivate the most creative team and employ everyone’s talent to the fullest, everyone gives of their best, great effort for innovation and contribution in every aspects. Swift, flexible and lean management is our competitive advantage. We are maximizing our potential, to make the greatest contribution and reward our customers.

  • Mr. Steven Huang - Executive Vice President

    A persistent service ethic and insistence on innovation made the difference in becoming the leader in our industry. GPI pioneers brand excellence to promote our image worldwide. We uphold our organizational culture and the high morale of our team, as the best foundation for sustainability.