Forward-thinking solution
  • Skillful In-house Engineering Experts
  • Rapid Prototyping (RP) and Tool Development
  • Design for Manufacturing and Test
  • Customer-centric with Proactive Approach
  • Attentively Listen to Customer
  • Up-to-date Industry Software

Bring forth manufacturable innovative solutions is our mission. The core to our success lies in the way we openly discuss manufacturability with customers early in the project development. A team of technical experts constantly works together from Metallurgies, Electromechanics, or Metrologies perspectives with only one goal in mind: to help customers come up with a design that is realistic, reliable and cost-effective.

At GPI, we understand each project needs to be completed with immediacy. By keeping cross-functional involvement in all phases, GPI is capable of handling all types of projects. In addition, we fully utilize in-house key capabilities to maintain a high level of quality. In addition, we fabricate samples for test or marketable research purposes in a timely manner. This approach to design and innovation has paid significant dividends with a growing number of launched projects and a broad range of product lines which serve various markets.