GPI took the technology and our superb engineering know-how from copier cartridge business to create a line of finished goods for printers.

Due to the different sales channels required for printers, GPI formed a new business unit concentrating on printer cartridge finished goods in 2008 called Cartridge Web.

Now, the Cartridge Web brand is widely recognized in the imaging industry as a high quality premium toner manufacturer. GPI upheld its corporate beliefs of building printer cartridges at the highest quality possible and continue to respect OEM’s patent claims by re-engineering all of our products to avoid OEM’s patent rights.

Cartridge Web is a brand built by GPI in early 2008 to supply finished products of laser printer toner cartridges for the aftermarket worldwide. The main product range includes new compatible products to niche brands, and remanufactured products to main stream brands.

By virtue of our professional research & development capability, Cartridge Web is devoted to supplying products which are fully compatible with the original products and whose printing performance meet the OEM standards. Additionally, Cartridge Web products are re-engineered to avoid OEM patents, and we have registered patents in different countries. Cartridge Web products are ISO 9001 ,14001, CE, WEEE, REACH & RoHS certified. We have 61 in-house engineers who focus on R&D and quality assurance. We perform in-depth research in product function engineering ,patent avoidance engineering, and quality control before introducing products into the market. The mission of CW is offering the best alternative products to the OEM supplies.