Speed-to-market & Made-to-order
  • Customized Global Shipments
  • Extensive Warehouse Experience
  • Multiple Storage Sites
  • Total Solution Provider
  • Just-in-time Management

Our strategy is simple – GPI custom-built shipping services to better suit the demand of our international customers in numerous ways.

Years of experience has equipped us with extensive shipping knowledge. We can either work with the existing logistic partner or your preferable shipping company, distributing via air/sea to designated locations as needed. GPI is a lean-implemented company with warehouses in US and the Netherlands. The regional representatives work closely with shipping companies and customers to provide the best solution.

GPI provides scalable shipping solutions and custom-built storage areas with VMI service to meet the needs of varying sales forecast and demands. Moreover, we keep separate areas for storage of raw materials, components and finished goods as listed in our risk management charter.