Working for you around the clock
  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility
  • Consolidate Supplier Resources
  • Diversified OEM/ODM Product Lines
  • Focus on In-house Core Capabilities
  • Risk Mitigation & Management
  • Lean Manufacturing & 6S Management

With its firmly established industrial and manufacturing culture, Central Taiwan is the brain to all operations. Over the years, GPI has steadily expanded production facilities here to meet increasing demands from our customers of various industries. Those sites are built and managed to the highest standard to be qualified for medical, automotive and electronics customer audits.

One of GPI’s strategies is to consolidate the supplier base and maintain control over materials and processes. By taking more responsibility and leveraging external expertise, we can help our partners streamline the process and reduce the risk of managing multiple suppliers. The result of a rapid response in development and consistent production for high volume or high complexity projects is a guarantee. Some of the capabilities available include: tooling design and fabricating, precision/micro machining, micro molding, micro assembling and metrology.

If additional capabilities are required by our partners, GPI can accommodate through our approved vendors. Furthermore, if a project has a potential to grow to an acceptable scale, GPI will consider expanding capacity or investing in a new technology in-house. Based on the synergy of this concentrated expertise, GPI offers original products, innovative solutions, efficient manufacturing methods, in-depth knowledge of applications and markets as well as sustainable process-oriented services and flexible manufacturing capabilities.