High quality, Efficiency and Satisfaction Guarantee

GPI provides high quality and high value-added products and executes an efficient delivery system to satisfy customers’ demands. GPI obtains customer loyalty with corporate proven sincerity, passion in innovation and integrity. By means of a high caliber management team, we create five competitive advantages:

Alliance –

Through the investment in toner supplies in America, GPI grasps the market trends and demands of products for the future.

R&D Innovation –

GPI puts many resources into research and development to overcome OEM patent challenges and technical problems, and we aggressively apply our own patents to our products.

Quality –

We believe in the compatible product industry. It requires high quality products in order to sustain brand loyalty from customers.

Capability –

GPI has diversified production capability to increase product selection range, providing hassle-free one-stop shopping for various types of businesses.

Streamlined supply chain –

GPI has streamlined a group of component suppliers within a 30-mile radius to obtain materials associated with production. This practice increases speed, lowering overall production cost. In return, we have created an abundance of job opportunities within our community.