How Does GPI Create Compatible Toner Cartridges, Waste Toner Boxes and Gears Designed Around Patent?

How Does GPI Create Compatible Toner Cartridges, Waste Toner Boxes and Gears Designed Around Patent?

As one of the key aftermarket manufacturers in the imaging industry, GPI has been dedicated to supplying toner cartridges, waste toner boxes and gears that are consistent quality and patent-friendly for more than three decades. The business philosophy and core value of GPI is to provide premium solutions to the market. Then, how do we create and ensure that our products are not patent infringement?

Procedure of OEM Patent Analysis

When the PM team gets a development project off the ground, the patent team will start collecting the OEM or any manufacturers’ patents in target countries or regions by TIPO, USPTO, Espacenet, etc. When all the information is gathered, the engineer will interpret the claims of utility, utility models, and design. Utility and utility models involve function, shape, structure, combination, and so on. Design involves appearance, colour, pattern, and so on. After fully understanding each independent claim, the engineer will do the re-engineering. Afterward, a patent attorney will inspect and ensure that our products present the minimum risk of patent infringement before the product launches.

Long-term Tracking and Update of Patents

The patent team continues monitoring if there is any new patent or claim added to GPI's current supplying models. Our R&D engineers not only work on designing around patents but also on creating new patent designs to apply to GPI products. We understand being a solution provider of IP-friendly products takes time and effort, especially when patents include not only those that are exposed as outward appearance but also hidden structure parts inside the cartridge shell. However, it is of fundamental importance to GPI and to GPI's customers around the world, so we will keep our promises to the market.

GPI respects and treasures patents as always. We have devoted ourselves to providing premium alternative solutions which are IP-friendly. Customers and users around the world can purchase and use our products with satisfaction and ease. GPI can help your business to the next level. Contact our account manager for more information.